Michael Howard


A team can be defined as being a group of people acting as one to complete a task or win a game. I have always loved to play sports and be a part of a team. The experience is always fun whether or not the game is won or lost. Winning a game is fun, but playing at full capacity is more exciting to do and watch. When a teammate misses a shot or fails to make a big play, reassurance from a teammate can boost oneís self esteem and allow them to keep shooting. I consider boosting the morale of teammates to be one of my roles on the team. My mother also finds that to be one of my strengths although impassiveness toward my own abilities aggravates her.

††††††††† When I played pop Warner football, I had issues with weight, therefore I bounced from team to team. When I did find a permanent team I accepted my weight and used it to my advantage. I became a better player by blocking better, filling holes, and making big plays on defense.

†††††††† Despite the teamís hard work, there were still few victories to celebrate. We still felt fulfilled because everyoneís effort was there and we just got out played. Losing those games didnít matter. What mattered was that we had a good coach who made it fun to play the game of football.

††††††††† I have also had similar experiences while playing basketball. There have been times when the team had lost a good majority of its games. Most teams would break down under these situations. Therefore, I found myself fortunate to be on teams that didnít fold under pressure, but continued to practice and play hard.

††††††††† Sportsmanship is an important topic to me. Playing sports, whether winning or losing, has made me stronger. From these situations, I realized that teamwork is the difference in winning and losing a game or doing well in a group. With a team being defined as a group of people acting as one to complete a task or win a game, it is important for all the players to possess good sportsmanship. In summary, the concept of sportsmanship which is intertwined with teamwork is necessary to do well in life. This is the reason why one needs to incorporate sportsmanship and teamwork in their actions on the court, in the field, or anywhere else where such standards are required.




By: Laetitia Dorsinville



Sportsmanship means respecting your coach, your teammates, the refereeís decision, the crowd, your teammateís parents and even your mother/father while playing in the game. Sometimes people donít notice but when you start yelling at the ref or your teammates it doesnít show that you communicate with your teammates and it shows that you donít have passion for the game. In order to be a good sport you have to respect the coach. If you donít respect the coach your attitude shows you donít want to play. It also shows that youíre a little impatient and donít know how to talk to others in a calm way. Another thing is when the coach takes you out people get mad. Thereís a good reason why the coach took you out itís because he can see that youíre tired and that you need some water and some people might not notice but there are other players on the team that sit on the bench waiting to play too. Some people think they donít need to play just because there not good but the coach has to play everyone because thatís being a fair coach. Another reason the coach might take you out is because someone might have a lot of fouls and if he/she gets another foul then there out of the whole game. The coach is trying to prevent that from happening, itís not because he doesnít like the way you play he just wants you to play throughout the whole game by substituting you for your other teammates. It takes a lot of hard work to be a good sport but one thing you have to remember is that itís just a game and you have to accept losing every now and then.