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†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† The True Meaning of sportsmanship



††††††††††† The true meaning of sportsmanship is respect to teammates, opponents, officials, coaches, and the crowd. These entire guests come out just to show respect for the good talent the children display for them. That means you should step up as a player and give them good respect, and if they are rude just play the game that you love. In addition, this kind of sportsmanship is not only essential to basketball but also to other sports. I feel great when I get in the game; I do not disrespect anyone if I do something to them that would make them feel embarrassed (CROSSOVER). Before the game I do not talk about how many points I am going to score or what I am going to do to a person on the court.


††††††††††† Some other people like the parents could have good sportsmanship too.

They can clap even if their son/daughter is off the court because that would make the other team feel good. In addition, parents that support a team could also say ďNICE JOBĒ even if the team lost. Believe me, it would help a lot. Last week a parent came up to me and said you had a good game, I was so happy. I have witnessed some good parents along my journey to basketball glory.


††††††††††† Lastly, children on the winning team should compliment the losing team because they tried very hard to win too. Also in basketball, if your team is winning by twenty points you should play less aggressive on defense and slow it down on offense because the team you are facing obviously cannot score at that time so you should not run up the score by forty points. Also, if you make a hard foul on another player and they are hurt you can try to help them up or comfort them. Lastly, having fun is a part of sportsmanship too!


††††††††† In conclusion, says the true meaning of sportsmanship is Conduct and attitude considered as befitting participants in sports, especially fair play, courtesy, striving spirit, and grace in losing. However, I find sportsmanship to mean more than that.


Tiara Butler-Smith


Sportsmanship essay



††††††††† Sportsmanship to me is when a player not only has the skills that make them a good player but the qualities of a good player. A good player plays with respect, plays fair and is not a sore loser. Having those qualities will get you further than just having the skills.


††††††††† Respect is one of the most important things that a player must have in a sport. And you have to respect everyone not some people but everyone, especially the people that are above your level. If youíre a really good player and you donít listen to your coach or anyone who tries to tell you something and you just do what you want, nothing good is going to happen to you, you wonít go anywhere; youíll probably get kicked off the team. But if you respect everyone who tries to tell you something, they would respect you back and try to help you become a better skilled player. Being a fair player is important too. If you are a ball hogand think you can do everything on your own, no one on your team will want to help you when youíre in trouble and need their help and none of your teammates are going to like you, and thatís not a good thing because when people on a team donít like each other they donít play like a team and when you donít play like a team your turn the ball over and when you turn the ball over you give the game to the other team. But if you pass the ball a lot (but making smart passes) your teammates will like you more and respect you. If you see one of your teammates wide open and you donít pass it to them, you just try to do it on your own, that would be one of the reasons they donít like you. Not being a sore loser can help your team out a lot too, but only if you let them know that itís ok to lose a game and that they can find what they did wrong and so that they can learn from their mistakes and so they wonít do it next time. Sometimes when you play a sport it isnít always about whatís best for you but whatís best for the team. So if you see something that one of your teammates is doing wrong, correct them and show them how to do it. If there is someone on your team that isnít as good of a player as you, when you have free time help them out and show them all you know.


††††††††† Good sportsmanship takes a lot of practice just like good skills take a lot practice. Even though if might be hard work it doesnít mean that you should give up and quit, it means that you keep working at it so that it wonít be as hard for you as it was before. Practice makes perfect.