Hyde Park Youth Basketball Association

Sportsmanship Awards 2003-2004


For the first time the HPYBA gave sportsmanship awards at the end of the 2003-2004 season.  These awards recognized players for “showing respect for coaches, teammates, opponents and officials, for playing fair, and maintaining a positive attitude”. 


Curran Division Sportsmanship Awardees for 2003-2004:


Michael Henderson – Celtics

Kiana Dailey – Knicks

Matthew Cannata – Hawks

Israel Feliciano – Rockets

Madison Sloan – And One

Evan Timperi – Suns

Patrick Dolan – Wizards

Shanice Frett – Trailblazers

Jumal Markland – Magic

Mark Bannon – Pacers

Davel Juba – Bulls

Quandel Johnson – Warriors


Foley Division Sportsmanship Awardees for 2003-2004:


Anthony Choueiri – 76ers                  

Josh Roberts         – Pistons                      

Shawn Weeks – Amazin’                   

Harry Scales          – Trailblazers                

Marqee Ivy – Tar Heels

Justin Gonzales – Mavericks

Antoine Egli – Magic

David Daley – Warriors

Max Duggan – Celtics

Dan Duggan – Holdin’            

Cesar Lopez – No Names

Chris Greene – Jakes

Anthony Skinner – Marlins                          

Groom Dinkneh – Raptors