Hyde Park Youth Basketball Association

Sportsmanship Awardees

2007-2008 Season


These Sportsmanship Awards recognize players for “showing respect for coaches, teammates, opponents and officials, for playing fair, and maintaining a positive attitude”.


Craig Curran Division Sportsmanship Awardees:


Foster Graham – Bomb Squad

Evan Ward – Eagles

Trevor Lynch – Gators

Jessica Brennan – Heat

Brian Grant – Raptors

Kamal Peterson – 3-Pointers

Josiah McFarlane-Decordova – Warriors

Ryan Welby – Wildcats



Ray Foley Division Sportsmanship Awardees:


Richard Holland – Bomb Squad


Jason Coles – Bulls


Selena DeLeon – Cavaliers


Bryce Boggs – Celtics


Marissa Serrette – Knicks


James Adams – Pistons


Meagan Badohu – 3-Pointers


Kayshawn Wallace – Sixers


Jamari Nelson – Warriors


Evan Timperi – Wizards