Paul Curran

Sportsmanship Essay


               What sportsmanship means to me is that everyone is treated equally and respected, not only in a sports game, but also in any contest you compete in. This idea of being a good “sportsman” you are not just strong physically. To show true sportsmanship you must have the mental strength to respect you opponent win or loss. By having the mental strength you show you opponent what it means to be a true sportsmanship because when you are mad about a loss you still have the courage to congratulate the winner. This is important to me because to be a good sportsman you do not need to be the greatest athlete to show good sportsmanship all you need is the strength to show you will respect the opponent win or loss.


               In 2015 at the NFL honors Cardinals wide receiver received the Art Rooney award for sportsmanship. In his acceptance speech he said, “My coach, Don, he used to always preach sportsmanship to us, no matter if we win, we lose, we draw, you always have to respect your opponent”. This shows me that from a young age Fitzgerald was taught sportsmanship and even as he grew up with all his fame and money he stuck to this idea of sportsmanship and continued it as a pro athlete.


            Overall sportsmanship shows us how to grow into a mature respecting adult. It teaches us to stay noble and not get over our heads with fame and fortune and that the weak player can be the strongest person.