Marquis Smalls

What Sportsmanship Means to Me

††††††††††† To me, sportsmanship is a big part of every sport. Sportsmanship is the ultimate sign of respect towards someone you play for or someone you play against. If you donít show sportsmanship, then no one will want to play with you or play against you. The most common example of sportsmanship that I know of is the handshake routine after a sports game in basketball and baseball (the two sports that I play personally). I believe that they make the two opposing teams shake hands (practice sportsmanship) after a game while they are young so when they get older they will have a mindset to keep having sportsmanship and respect others. Even the best athletes in the world had sportsmanship and if they didnít there were many people who disliked then.

††††††††††† The late Joe Paterno once said ďSuccess without honor is an unseasoned dish; it will satisfy your hunger, but it won't taste good.Ē To me this means that if you win a good game but you donít show sportsmanship toward your teammates or your competition, then it just wonít feel right. It will give you the win and a better record but itís more than a game; itís life and you wonít be respected if you donít respect others.

††††††††††† In conclusion, I believe that sportsmanship is a big part of sports and a big part of our lives while we are still young and when we get older. All of the sports greats had sportsmanship and that is why they were so greatly respected. If everyone in sports displayed sportsmanship, the whole sports world would be greatly impacted and the world would be a better place.