HPYBA Facility Use Guidelines

To ensure the Hyde Park Youth Basketball leagues can continue to operate, everyone must be respectful in regards to the use of school district facilities. Please do your part in ensuring the future of the HPYBA by respecting the following rules at all times:

· Adult supervision of children not associated with the teams who are playing is needed at all times. Children should be kept seated inside the gyms and not allowed to run in the gyms or hallways. A gym monitor will be present at all games to make sure these rules are followed.

· No food is allowed in any of the gyms used by the HPYBA. Drinks other than bottled water or Gatorade are also not allowed. Participants are asked to pick up any and all trash after each game or practice.

· If school is let out due to bad weather, or there is no school for any other reason, all games and practices are cancelled. Remember, no school, no practice.

· In cases of severe weather on game day, call your child’s coach or the league information line (617-361-2255 x 11) to verify the status of the games that day

· Parents are asked to not just drop off your child outside the school before a practice or a game

. Please walk with your child to the gym. It's always a possibility that practicie or even the game had to be cancelled and the coach was not able to contact you. When practices and games are over, please see that your child has a ride home immediately.


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