1. The league is designed to give everyone in this division an opportunity to learn and play basketball. Therefore all players MUST play an equal amount of time until the last two- (2) minutes of the game.

2. The game is segmented to allow for everyone to make easy substitutions. Substitutions should only be made during the time between segments. The only exception to this should be for an injured player.

3. The game consists of (2) 20-minute halves. The first half has (4) 5-minute segments. The clock will stop for 30 seconds to allow for the player substitutions. The second half has (2) 5 minute segments (2) 4-minute segments and (1) 2-minute segment. All of these segments will be running time except the last (2) minutes, which will be stop time.

4. Each team is allowed (2) time outs per half. The clock will stop during a time out.

5. Players are allowed 5 fouls before fouling out.

6. Foul language will not be tolerated and will be assessed a technical for each incident.

7. Fighting will also not be tolerated. Players involved in a fight will be ejected from the game. The league officers will review the incident with the players, coaches and referees and determine whether a 1 or 3 game suspension is warranted. The league reserves the right to expel a player form the league if they feel that the incident warrants such action.

8. Foul shots will follow college rules (2) shots for a shooting foul, 1 and 1 for non shooting fouls after the 7th team foul and (2) shots after the 10th team foul.

9. Games MUST start by 10 minutes after the hour. Time is limited and in order to stay on schedule coaches should immediately fill in the scorebooks.

10. There will be no overtime during the regular season. Games that are tied at the end of regulation will stay that way.

11. All teams make the playoffs

12. Teams must play defense within the three-point circle and must get back to their defensive end when the ball changes hands. There is no stealing the ball in the front court or out of the three-point line.

13. The are (2) exceptions to rule 12: A) When a team falls behind by 6 points or more they can expand the defensive area up to half court until the score is tied. If the score is tied or they take the lead, they must fall back to the three-point circle, B) The last (2) minutes of the game a full court defense is permitted.

14. The 3 second rule will be enforced at 5 seconds because of the age of the players.

15. Double dribbling and traveling rules will be enforced with some discretion.


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