Coaches Code of Conduct Agreement

The mission of the Hyde Park Youth Basketball Association (HPYBA) is to build a better community using our wonderful sport as the vehicle for learning about working together, playing fair, and treating others with dignity and respect. As a volunteer organization, we rely heavily on coaches to implement this vision. All coaches are expected to set good examples in the way they conduct themselves during practices and games, displaying the spirit of sportsmanship and healthy competition. Coaches work with both players, parents, and other HPYBA volunteers to make the program one that enhances physical and psychological well being. Coaches will try to model positive, respectful behavior.

Coaches will not use or condone any form of physical violence, threat, or intimidation.

Coaches will not use or condone any form of verbal abuse.

Coaches will not use or condone sexually referenced language.

Coaches will abide by and uphold the rules of the HPYBA.

Coaches will not use or condone the use of any alcohol or drugs in the course of HPYBA activities.


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